Tom Hanks Got Sick in Australia, Where Coronavirus Testing Is a Snap



Jordan Strauss/Invision, via Associated Press

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SYDNEY, Australia — Tom Hanks had a cold, or so he thought: slight fever, body aches, chills, the usual.

澳大利亚悉尼——汤姆·汉克斯(Tom Hanks)感冒了,或者他觉得是感冒了:有发低烧、全身酸痛、打寒颤等常见症状。

In the United States, those symptoms may not be enough to get tested for the new coronavirus. But he and his wife, Rita Wilson, who also felt sick, weren’t at home — they were in Australia.

在美国,这些症状也许够不上做新型冠状病毒检测的条件。但他和同样感觉不舒服的妻子丽塔·威尔逊(Rita Wilson)不在美国——他们在澳大利亚。

Here, testing is free and widely available, thanks to early and coordinated planning for a pandemic. On Thursday, Mr. Hanks said he and his wife had seen the efforts firsthand, as they tested positive for the virus.


“The Medical Officials have protocols that must be followed,” Mr. Hanks wrote in an announcement he posted on Twitter, choosing capital letters for his new acquaintances. “We Hanks’ will be tested, observed and isolated for as long as public health and safety requires.”


Mr. Hanks is now the public face of a pandemic’s widening reach. What was once a national problem for China, where the virus originated and soon killed thousands, has become an international stress test for public health performance.


Some countries, like the United States, are looking increasingly ill prepared, or, in the case of Italy, fighting to avoid being overwhelmed. Others, like South Korea, moved quickly to test and isolate huge numbers of people and appear to be bringing their outbreaks under control.


Australia, with just 128 confirmed cases, has not yet been put to the same kind of test. But health officials are determined to be ready for whatever comes — heads down on their spreadsheets, trying to stay calm in a battle where planning ahead and avoiding drama means victory.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison, still bruised from a failure to react quickly to the country’s bush-fire crisis this summer, set an emergency coronavirus plan in motion on Feb. 28.

因未能迅速处理澳大利亚丛林大火危机而广受批评的总理斯科特·莫里森(Scott Morrison),已在2月28日启动了应对新冠病毒的紧急方案。

Rather than play down the risks or promise that the problem would fade in a month or two — as President Trump did — Mr. Morrison was one of the first world leaders to declare that the virus would span the planet.


“We believe the risk of global pandemic is very much upon us,” he said two weeks ago, as cases were just starting to rise quickly outside China. “And, as a result, as a government, we need to take the steps necessary to prepare for such a pandemic.”


That same day, state and territory health ministers met to discuss plans for testing, stockpiling medication and opening special clinics that would keep potential coronavirus patients out of regular emergency rooms. The officials have continued to meet regularly.


“In terms of the amount of time and human hours that have gone into the planning, it’s massive,” said Ian Mackay, a virologist at the University of Queensland who has been involved. “It’s been going on all year, really, and entire lives have gone into just planning and coordinating. It’s been all-consuming.”

“在制定方案上投入的时间和人力是巨大的,”参与这项工作的昆士兰大学(University of Queensland)的病毒学家伊恩·麦凯(Ian Mackay)说。“实际上,这一年来一直在进行,许多人的全部时间都投入到计划和协调中去了。全身心的投入。”

Testing has been a priority from the beginning.


Days after China shared the genome of the virus, Australia’s private testing industry — which handles everything from blood tests to stool samples — was mobilized, with the government making tests free through Medicare, the national health care plan.


Public health officials set up a national hotline for people who think they might have the virus. States have set up web pages with locations for coronavirus testing, which has mostly been taking place in hospital wards set apart from regular emergency rooms.



David Mariuz/EPA, via Shutterstock

Anyone with symptoms who has traveled through countries with an outbreak of the virus, or who might have come into contact with someone who did or who seems sick, can be tested.


There is even a drive-through clinic in South Australia that will let you stay in your car for a swab, a model also used in South Korea.


In the United States, little if anything about the process has been efficient or convenient. Tests have been slow to arrive across the country, in part because of a manufacturing problem, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Criteria for who should be tested have been widened only recently. At first, the C.D.C. recommended testing only those who had traveled to Wuhan, China, or had contact with a suspected coronavirus case and had a fever or respiratory symptoms.


In late February, the guidelines were relaxed, but a patient still had to be hospitalized to be eligible for a test. Vice President Mike Pence announced on March 3 that the C.D.C. would lift those restrictions, granting tests if a physician ordered them, but doctors were asked to keep certain factors in mind before doing so. And laboratories are still reporting that the demand for testing is greater than the supply.

虽然检测指导方针在2月下旬放宽了,但患者仍需住院后才能做病毒检测。美国副总统迈克·彭斯(Mike Pence)已于3月3日宣布,疾病控制与预防中心将取消这些限制,只要有医嘱,就允许做病毒检测,但要求医生在下医嘱前考虑某些因素。美国的实验室仍在报告,做检测的需求大于试剂盒的供应。

In Australia, no shortages have been reported. On Thursday, Annastacia Palaszczuk, the premier of Queensland, the state where Mr. Hanks is hospitalized, said there were 27 people confirmed to have the coronavirus there, and in every case, “we know the origin of where they have come from.”

澳大利亚没有试剂盒短缺的报道。昆士兰州州长白乐琪(Annastacia Palaszczuk)周四说,该州有27例新冠病毒确诊感染病例,“我们知道(每个病例)的感染途径。”昆士兰州是汉克斯住院的地方。

She did not say whether Mr. Hanks and Ms. Wilson had contracted the virus in Australia or brought it from the United States.


Mr. Mackay, the virologist, noted that Ms. Wilson, an actress and singer, had recently performed a concert in Beverly Hills, on a date within the incubation period for the virus. Mr. Hanks is in Australia shooting a film about Elvis Presley with the Australian director Baz Luhrmann; there were reports that at least one other person on the set had tested positive.

病毒学家麦凯注意到,身为演员和歌手的威尔逊最近曾在比佛利山庄举办了一场音乐会,时间正好是在病毒的潜伏期里。汉克斯正在澳大利亚参加澳大利亚导演巴兹·鲁尔曼(Baz Luhrmann)一部关于猫王(Elvis Presley)电影的拍摄;有报道称,拍摄现场至少还有一人新冠病毒检测呈阳性。

Ms. Palaszczuk said everyone who had come into contact with Mr. Hanks and Ms. Wilson would have to self-isolate, and she promised that they would be well treated. They were two of seven new cases reported in Queensland on Thursday, and they are officially listed as being in stable condition at Gold Coast University Hospital, where they are being kept in isolation.

白乐琪说,所有与汉克斯和威尔逊有过接触的人都必须自我隔离,她保证他们会受到很好的待遇。汉克斯和威尔逊是昆士兰周四通报的七例新增确诊病例中的两例,他们目前正在黄金海岸大学医院(Gold Coast University Hospital)隔离,在院方公布的信息中,他们的病情稳定。


Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images

Under the protocols Mr. Hanks referred to on Twitter, doctors and health officials will regularly check on them, whether or not they stay in the hospital after they are cleared for release.


“I’m very confident that we have world-class doctors that are determined to look after them and give them the best possible care,” Ms. Palaszczuk said.


She then added a warning: “What this signals is that this coronavirus can happen to anyone,” she said, adding: “We need the public to be listening to the authorities, listening very closely and adhering.”


Which is exactly what Mr. Hanks and Ms. Wilson seem to be doing: taking direction from Medical Officials.


“They’re not tripping but they’re going through the necessary health precautions, obviously,” their son Chet Hanks said in a message on Instagram. “I don’t think it’s anything to worry about.”

“他们没有大碍,但他们显然正在采取必要的医疗防御措施,”他们的儿子切特·汉克斯(Chet Hanks)在Instagram上发消息说。“我不觉得有什么好担心的。”