talk * around/round
John talked me around to accepting his point of view. (约翰说服我接受他的观点)
It remains to be seen whether he can talk them around. (他是否能说服他们仍有待观察)
talk around/round +
He just kept talking around the subject and never came to the point. (他只是不着边际地说着这个主题,谈话从来不得要领)

talk at +
(不顾对方反应而) 高谈阔论;叽哩呱啦地 (对某人) 说
She’s always talking at me instead of with me. (她老是冲着我叽哩呱啦地说个不停,从来不是与我交谈)
You weren’t talking to me, but you were talking at me! (你不是在跟我交谈,而是一直都是你在说,根本不容我说!)
talk * through
向 (某人) 详细说明或解释
She talked me through the whole process of sending emails. (她向我详细说明发送电子邮件的整个过程)
talk * through
讨论 (某事的) 所有细节
It is very important to try and talk all the military options through. (尽力把所有可能采取的军事手段都讨论清楚是很重要的)